Six week update

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Six week update

Post by Weezer » Sat Jun 12, 2021 12:52 am

The car has had a few niggles recently (not detecting the SIM, mismatched range on dash and touchscreen) so the local dealer took it in to check for errors. Didn’t find anything, but did update the telematics and the ‘shared secrets’ stuff that reports back to Jaguar. However the car now won’t complete the SOTA Update and it’ll be going in for a JLR technician to take a look. That’ll be after our trip to the Lake District over the next week.

The car itself is very pleasant to drive. Coming from a series of sports coupes, I have no issues with the ride, even on my lovely 22s (which generate a lot of interest in everyone who sees the car). Performance seats are super-comfortable and supportive, but as I feared the bases are already starting to bulge up as the soft leather stretches (after just 500 miles). Not a great design, to be honest, but will just have to live with it, unless it requires reupholstering at some point in the future. Just wish Jaguar had stitched more panels in to help alleviate the issue.

No real range anxiety so far, but ask me again after five days of public charging!

Also, it looks like there are some big software updates coming over the next few months…
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Re: Six week update

Post by Frobs » Sat Jun 12, 2021 12:28 pm

Hi Weezer,
Glad you are enjoying the car (mostly). We've done 2200 miles already, and loving it. My wife gets to drive it most days and loving it more every day. I just hope software gremlins don't turn up and interrupt that trajectory! We did have a bit of trouble at the beginning getting the in-control accounts set up and connected, but that was in the early phases of learning the car so has faded in memory. We just get in the car and drive.

Talking of software, we did the latest update overnight and I've just been out to see if there is any damage. Had to set up the accounts from scratch, but the puzzling thing is that I can't find where it says what software version the car is now running. Would be good to have that on the app to be honest.

We've done a few longish trips but only one to Cambridge and back that required public charging - Instavolt which was faultless - getting 63 ish kW at about 8degC.

We are getting 2.6 to 2.7 kWh/mile Chippenham to Swindon commute (60% motorway), and 3.2 on long runs to Bournemouth and back down the back A roads (entertaining)

So far, this is the perfect car for us. And with the nice warm fuzzy feeling that the vast majority of the power used so far is off solar panels at my wife's work. We ran a 40kW Leaf for 3 years, which needed 2-3 charges per week, with the beast we just need the one, but usually top up on a Friday to 100% for the weekend.



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