Charger showing less energy than used

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electric beagle
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Charger showing less energy than used

Post by electric beagle » Thu Apr 29, 2021 11:05 pm

So my Andersen charger tells me its energy consumption each charging session. However I have noticed that I am using a lot more electricity than my charger seems to indicate is this normal?

I have Octopus Go and my charger is set to only charge when the 5p charge rate is applicable. In a full session of 4 hours this should lead to electricity charges of circa £1.40 but the reality seems to be (according to my smart meter IHD), more than double the amount that my charger indicates so circa £2.40 as overnight charges. It is not at all clear to me why though, sure there are some things happening overnight unrelated to my charger but I am showing almost double the expected price even when my dishwasher or dryer are not set to run. The typical residual cost of stuff on standby is pennies so its not that.
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Re: Charger showing less energy than used

Post by bluenun » Thu Apr 29, 2021 11:10 pm

Beagle - I wouldn’t take the cost on the IHD as gospel. The definitive cost will be on your octopus bill - it’s broken down by the half hour. The IHD measures current used but it doesn’t necessarily have the right price per unit built into its logic.

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