Terrible Battery Mileage

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Re: Terrible Battery Mileage

Post by ianipace » Sun Aug 02, 2020 7:50 am

I agree with all the previous posts, 98% 'should' give 200 miles plus even on a cold winters day. Now with temperatures up in the mid to high 20's then 230 miles is easily obtainable.

Regarding the granny lead, it 'is' sensitive to bad connections in a wall socket and extension leads, I have a 'proper' extension lead, by that I mean 2.5mm2 cable, not the 1.5mm2 usually found in 13amp extension cables, and even this gets warm with the 3Kw flowing through it, and VERY warm if left in a loop!

I have a Juice Booster 2 which gives fault codes and the current that can be taken by the car when charging with a 13amp plug.
10amps max out of a standard 13amp socket.
A friend has a 32amp supply, except it isn't capable of delivering 32amps, only 20amps is 'safely' possible!
The Juice Booster 2 is a great bit of kit, pricey but has got me out of trouble quite a few times.

As for charging in France, do your homework! CCS DC charging isn't as common place as the UK, and often the charge points are out of action!

Stay safe

MY2019 SE in Caesium Blue. Panoramic roof and 20" wheels. Ohme Smart charger.

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