A positive post!

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A positive post!

Post by StuEVs » Sat Nov 30, 2019 9:37 pm

Hi all,

I've just signed up to the forum - but I have been dipping in & out as a 'lurker' since before I ordered by I-PACE at the end of last year! One thing has struck me since I received my I-PACE at the end June/start July is that every time I dropped in to the forum there definitely felt to be more of a negative vibe (more posts being about issues/niggles etc.) than I've experienced on other vehicle-specific car forums....I know that it's the reality of many internet forums that people rarely come on the internet to say how great everything is - they're usually looking for a solution to a problem etc........but I thought I'd start a 'positive post thread' and share my outstanding experience so far of the I-PACE! (& I wasn't even intending the thread title to create a battery-related pun!)...

As I said - had my I-PACE delivered literally the last day of June - promptly went on holiday - so with the time it sat at the airport a couple of times in the summer taken out of the equation, really been driving the car just about 4 months now and just clicked over 10,000 miles in it. I'm one of those people that normally gets bored of cars quite quickly - a couple of years & I'm normally ready for a change - so I've had lots of cars over the years, including from all the 'premium'/German brands, so I think I've got a decent basis for comparison. I genuinely think this is the best car I've ever had (excluding my little weekend sporty number in the garage - but that's a different kind of car) - for everyday commute, carrying the family, packing it full to go on holiday, driving it across different road classifications - it really is a great car.

I see some of the issues that people post on here & I can honestly say I've had none of them (touch wood.....that's why I waited 10,000 miles before joining/posting!!!). The reversing camera lag comments have always fascinated me.....sure, pre-latest SOTA update, there was slight lag on it....but I tell you what; it's nothing like the lag on the camera in my wife's Audi Q7. We've had 2 of those now & they were both the same.....in the Q7 I can select reverse & complete the manoeuvre, and be back in drive before the camera's caught up! Sometimes it's only just switched on from being a black screen as you're completing the manoeuvre.....so in reality the few milliseconds lag on the I-PACE that were there originally were a big improvement compared to the Q7! Post latest SOTA update in the I-PACE I don't see any perceivable lag at all now.

On the subject of SOTA - these have worked for me every release since I've had the car too. The car has never gone in to the dealer - updates all downloaded sat on my drive connected to WiFi and installed no problem.

I know this is all sounding a bit sickly - but genuinely I think the car is great & I'm loving driving it - and wanted to add some balance to the forum for any people that might be reading it as part of their pre-purchase research! I guess I should add that my particular car is a 2020MY - so perhaps there is a difference of some sort from the 2019MY versions; and maybe that's why I'm not seeing the same issues that some of you earlier owners have reported?

I do a 150-mile round commute most days of the week. Just charge at home overnight and no need to charge anywhere else most of the time. All of my commute is 'highway' driving (motorway/dual carriageway) - and when it was warmer I was getting anywhere between 220 & 240 mile range - I'm getting about 200-205 now it's cold. Both are better than the Jaguar range calculator say I should get (I'm on 20" alloys). And all I do is stick it on 'autonomous' drive and let it do it's stuff (which also works brilliantly as far as I'm concerned - I genuinely only need to do slip roads, roundabouts & overtakes on most of my commute; apart from the very start & end!). When I'm driving it myself (rather than ACC) I drive no differently to how I've ever driven - A/C is on etc. and I treat it like a 'normal' car.

When we have used it for longer journeys and needed to charge out 'on the road', then I've also never had any issues either. Admittedly I've never even tried Ecotricity(!) - but I've used a fair few other providers - ChargePoint, GeniePoint, Instavolt, Ionity (including the 350kW flavour at Milton Keynes), and all have charged on first plug in with no issues. At MK I was pulling over 90kW for a good chunk of time when I used that one - in any case; in the time it took to have a cuppa & a cake and use the facilities; the car had charged from 20-odd % to 80% and we had enough to get back home! I genuinely think that most people will destination-charge most of the time when more people have home chargers installed (i.e. most of our long trips have been visiting friends a decent distance away - none of whom have an EV - so we've needed to use the public chargers - if they had a charger at home I'd have just used that & bunged them a tenner!). But for the odd time when needing to public charge; I've not experienced any hassle to date.

Sorry this has ended up a far longer post than I intended.... I hope it might be useful for potential buyers. But also perhaps some of you other forum members will agree with me that this really is a great car & perhaps share some of your positive stories!?
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Re: A positive post!

Post by Paulsouthport » Sat Nov 30, 2019 9:52 pm

Great to hear!
Like you, I have a 2020 car. No noteworthy problems to date, including successful charges at 6 of 6 Ecotricity chargers.
I've done a few "long" drives - meaning beyond battery range. No problems to report there, either.
Camera lag is slight, but real. Everything else, awesome!
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Re: A positive post!

Post by scm » Sat Nov 30, 2019 10:17 pm

StuEVs wrote:
Sat Nov 30, 2019 9:37 pm
...every time I dropped in to the forum there definitely felt to be more of a negative vibe (more posts being about issues/niggles etc.) than I've experienced on other vehicle-specific car forums ...
Are we reading the same forum? The majority of posts detailing issues all end by saying they love the car. You think that's a negative vibe? :?

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Re: A positive post!

Post by Adski989 » Sat Nov 30, 2019 10:19 pm

Good post! Brilliant read and great feedback, hope my ownership experience mirrors it. I've had mine for a week and 600 miles, just used the charger at home which is great and i get 7.5kwh from it and the edf app is spot on with its' info and turning off and on, but I've seen a couple of minor niggles:

- Main dash display once wouldn't put anything in main central bit on one journey
- Apple car play stopped working on one journey
- The Jaguar Remote app still won't let me add scheduling, i had to reset in the car to get the remote temperature etc working, Jag customer service were totally clueless and said i didn't have the subscription to do it which was nonsense, sorted it myself thanks to advise from this very site.

But it's all very minor, car drives great and warming it up before getting into it makes my wife and young children very happy in this cold weather, and not going to a petrol station all week and paying £25 to do all that mileage feels superb, with the added benefit of not putting any crap into the air from an exhaust... the Petrol XC60 which is a great car hasn't moved all week and i can't see it moving much in the future.

Paul J.
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Re: A positive post!

Post by Paul J. » Sat Nov 30, 2019 10:27 pm

StuEVs wrote:
Sat Nov 30, 2019 9:37 pm
Hi all,

I've just signed up to the forum - but I have been dipping in & out as a 'lurker' since before I ordered by I-PACE at the end of last year! One thing has struck me since I received my I-PACE at the end June/start July is that every time I dropped in to the forum there definitely felt to be more of a negative vibe (more posts being about issues/niggles etc.) than I've experienced on other vehicle-specific car forums...
You’ve obviously never been on any JLR forums before. :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Re: A positive post!

Post by BillCB » Sat Nov 30, 2019 10:29 pm

Good to hear I'm not alone. I have had zero problems with my 2019 in the nearly 10,000 kms I've driven it since April. I am looking forward to the rumoured software enhancement to increase range a bit. I live 300 kms from Toronto where I go once a month or so, which means no en route charging (just destination charging) but with truly cold weather now on the horizon, I could use an extra 20-30 kms to be safe.
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Re: A positive post!

Post by Rbrandwijk » Sat Nov 30, 2019 10:52 pm

35000 km and no problems whatsoever :D

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Re: A positive post!

Post by Volkswarren » Sat Nov 30, 2019 11:48 pm

Brilliant, it’s great to see so many with no issues enjoying their cars.
My issues have been minor and I love my car too
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Re: A positive post!

Post by wilco » Sun Dec 01, 2019 9:10 am

A nice post StuEVs, I to am very happy with my car & it is also the best car I have ever owned. Collected my car in early March & have covered 10,000 miles, have had a couple of problems but would expect these as an early adopter. I do not regret for one second buying my I Pace, it is just a joy.

Nice to see so much positivity about the car in one place.
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Re: A positive post!

Post by ChrisMc » Sun Dec 01, 2019 9:45 am

Good post StuEVs, mine is a MY20 car, arrived towards the end of April and apart from the BSOD that was fixed the same day, no major problems also. A few software niggles but nothing that puts one off owning an I Pace., still a great car! :D
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