Home Charging in UK

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Home Charging in UK

Post by badgb21 » Sun Sep 08, 2019 8:17 pm

We shall shortly become owners of an iPace - yay, I hear the cry!
Now, I have read over a 100 pages or so on here,incl the Scots guy video, but still feel a little in the dark regarding charging for my set up.
Here's what we are planing;

Our required set up;
House with double detached garage - Winchester area Hants.
Want a a wall box on brick pillar between garage doors. (convenient may be wife's car will be electric one day)
First of all, we plan to get supply from house to new garage consumer unit upgraded to 40 amps
This will involve lots of drilling, path lifting and electrician stuff.
I have preferred guys to do this as fancy path is only recent.

Once the feed is set up in the garage, we plan on a 'standard' type installation from the consumer unit (on the side wall of the garage) to a wall box mounted between the doors.
Now, which wall box should we choose and fitted by whom?
Needs to conform to govt grant, compatible with i Pace (fully approved) and other non-Tesla cars in the future.
Not necessary to charge two cars at same time (if wife's car is an EV in future).

Probably a tethered unit.

Likely electric supplier will have a single rate of supply (day and night). So can charge anytime.

Do about 9000 miles/yr so will charge 2 or 3 times a week.

Want a smart charger (I'm IT savvy) but don't want silly software clashes with i pace charging control system!

Any specific comments welcome.

I hope this thread will be useful for future UK owners.

many thanks for your help with this.

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Re: Home Charging in UK

Post by Sandman » Mon Sep 09, 2019 12:06 am

Congratulations on the purchase of your iPace, I’ve had mine just over a week and love it!

I’m also in a similar position re charging, so will be watching your thread for the replies.

Good luck and happy motoring.
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Re: Home Charging in UK

Post by Terry60 » Mon Sep 09, 2019 12:23 am

Don't be in too much of a hurry to get it done.
The granny charger in a 13A socket thriugh a timer switch will be able to keep up with 300miles/week use on E7 overnight cheap-rate.
That's 15,000 miles/year.
If you're on a single 24hr tariff, so don't wait for overnight rate, you'll more than double that discounting the time your car's out and about.
If you've got workplace charging too, even better, so it's not absolutely necessary to have fast charging in place on day one.
Give yourself plenty of time to weigh up all the options, including solar.
The costs might not be so different if you're contemplating a lot of expensive infrastructure upgrade anyway, and the latter will give you extremely low cost refuelling into the distant future which should be factored in to the cost benefit calculation.
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Re: Home Charging in UK

Post by ****** » Mon Sep 09, 2019 12:41 am

Hi there. I guess I’m the “Scots guy”! Welcome to the wonderful world of I-Pace. And thanks for watching the videos!

You should definitely be able to have a charger installed on the brick divider between the garage doors. They are all fairly compact units. I have a Wallbox Pulsar which I love as its very compact and has a great way of showing you what it’s doing. The front panel has a ring of LEDs around it which change colour to show if the car is charging or waiting for the timer to start etc. However, for outdoor use just be aware that those lights are quite bright. Not sure if it’s near an area where you would be sitting out in the garden of an evening or somewhere that neighbours will see it or if it’s even just a distraction or aesthetic that you don’t like.

It’s also controlled via an App which connects via Bluetooth. I like that as I never need to access it when I’m away from home anyway, and Bluetooth means it’s not relying on external servers. Also, all of that is built into the small charger unit so there’s no external “hub” or anything which is needed. I’ve been very happy with it.

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Re: Home Charging in UK

Post by SammyD » Mon Sep 09, 2019 8:01 am

Getting a tethered charger is probably the wrong thing to do. At this point in time, you are only thinking about a future EV for your wife. That means that you don't know where the Charge Port on the new vehicle will be.
Think about ease of use when using your driveway. Who drives in and who reverses in? A non tethered charger would allow you to purchase a longer charge cable should it be needed. You can't do that with a tethered one.

You also need to work out what you want from a charger. For some, timed charging is top of the list. For others, it isn't etc, etc.

If you want to see a charger in action, then PM me. I'm just up the A31 from you.
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Re: Home Charging in UK

Post by oop north » Mon Sep 09, 2019 8:38 am

I think you are doing the right thing to get your own bods to do the basic setup - though I would say that as that is what I did!

I also used my electrician to move my charger when I changed from an i3 (right rear) to iPace (front left).

I would def recommend getting tethered as not doing so means every time you charge you have to get a cable out of your car then every time you stop charging and go out you have to uncouple it, tidy it and put it back in your boot or froot... what a drag that will be! If worried about it you can probably get a longer cable now (perhaps think through the length needed to reach the front left of a car in forwards in the right hand garage as well as the iPace reversed in on the left - that should be worst case ), or you can wait until you know what you need when you have second car (it’s possible to change the teetered cable later on for a longer one) which will of course be more expensive in the long run. But having a cable that is too long now means more faff every time you use it with a car that doesn’t need it. When I was at the ionity charger at Gretna green in Saturday i thought for the first tine that the etron’s dual charge ports are a good idea. And also that the Kona’s central front port is a stupid idea when mixed with a driver who doesn’t think so he blocks two chargers

I cannot recommend a particular charger based on direct experience (I got a bmw one for free when I got my i3 nearly four years ago) but I would if buying now go for one that has its own app to control charging rates and timing (for me personally I would want one that worked with the wind turbine to harvest surplus energy rather than going back to grid)

In time I am looking forward to vehicle to grid and interesting pricing on charging which will need something much more sophisticated than I have, so I will have to get a second charger I think, though it will for us be tricky to fit two cars in at the same time (unless we get rid of the oil tank). It’ll be a while before we change my wife’s car to an EV
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Re: Home Charging in UK

Post by NightFox » Mon Sep 09, 2019 9:37 am

If you're likely to be looking at solar (or any other form of self-generation) in the future, then you might want to factor this into your criteria. Of course, any charger will be able to use solar energy, but some chargers will manage it for you, e.g. only charging when your solar panels are generating.

I've got a myenergi zappi 2 which does that and is probably seen as the go-to charger for solar setups, as well as being a popular charger in its own right. Mine is the tethered one, but they also do an untethered one, which you can leave the cable connected to when not in use (it might even feature a cable lock, I'm not sure). Timed charging controlled by the I-Pace is a bucket of hurt at the moment, but you can do it from the zappi. When Jaguar finally implement it properly/logically on the car, then you can let the car manage it and the zappi won't interfere.

I'm not saying there's not other chargers equally as good as the zappi, but I've no regrets with mine and I'm not aware of anything with better functionality.

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Re: Home Charging in UK

Post by Volkswarren » Mon Sep 09, 2019 11:59 am

I have a podpoint and I'm happy with it, supposed to have timed charging added to the app soon, but not sure when. Can order with a 7.5 meter cable or the 4.8 meter standard cable, though the instaler said it can be changed at a later date if needs be.
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Re: Home Charging in UK

Post by davidp40 » Mon Sep 09, 2019 12:14 pm

My advice may differ from some above. We are all right - it just depends on your pattern of use, and this varies quite a lot.

- by all means get your preferred contractor to wire up the garage CU. Make sure their capacity calculations are appropriate, and that they understand that no diversity allowance can be applied to a car charger.

- you may need your main fuse upgrading to 100A. Some DNOs will do this foc, especially if its requested by the (approved) charge-point installer.

- bear in mind that there will need to be an earth spike. Don't end up digging up your drive twice!

- definitely get a "smart" charger so that you can at least control the timing of charging. The I-Pace can't manage this, and JLR don't seem to be able to add this capability.

- Personally I would regard granny charging as a last resort. It's quite possible to return from a long trip at less than 5% charge. Do you really want to rely on charging that can only add a third of battery capacity overnight?

- definitely get a tethered charger. You will likely top up to your preferred charge level (maybe 80% or 90%) nightly because of the requirements of your electricity tariff - for example one of the cheapest, Octopus Go, only gives 4 hours cheap rate overnight. If you have solar, you will generally connect up every time you park. Do you really want the faff of getting the cable out and connecting both ends? Even if it's cold, dark, and pouring with rain?
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Re: Home Charging in UK

Post by TeslaDriver » Mon Sep 09, 2019 1:24 pm

badgb21 wrote:
Sun Sep 08, 2019 8:17 pm
I have preferred guys to do this as fancy path is only recent.
Needs to conform to govt grant, compatible with i Pace (fully approved) and other non-Tesla cars in the future.
If there a reason for Government Grant? If your wiring is complicated you may find that many OLEV-approved outfits are not interested (they only want simple install jobs, which might exclude "some-and-some" with your sparky), and if you have a preferred Sparky then more likely they will do a nice tidy job.

(Tesla is the same charger plug as iPace and others - for domestic 7kW charging at least)

OLEV grant tends to not-quite-cover cost of Charger, so either way you pay for the wiring, might not be much cost, once you've got your sparky on site anyway, to have them fit a non-OLEV wallcharger
Not necessary to charge two cars at same time (if wife's car is an EV in future).
Hmmm ... even if low mileage I think it would be worth thinking about two chargers, in fullness of time. For the rare occasion both cars come home relatively empty and want to go out again next morning. Also perhaps when you are on holiday and want to make sure both cars don't get depleted whilst away (you could use granny cable into 13 AMP socket for that ... although dedicated wall charger cable may be more suitable for "continuous running" than a garage circuit, particular if old wiring)

You can get "load balancing chargers" which will share load, rather than run both at same time and overload your circuit! You could also position each for the best position for each car. That of course a future problem as each car you buy changes charger point from left-to-right and front-to-middle-to-back :(

If you have PV and the second car will be mostly at home during the day then the second charger could be chosen to divert spare PV to the EV (rather than export to grid). (Also true if your primary car is at home daytime)

I've seen ceiling-installations of chargers with long cables (e.g. between the two cars and on a "spring" thingie to retract them to the ceiling when not in use) to try to future-proof against left-right charging (may have to change from front-entry to backing in if next car is opposite-side)
Probably a tethered unit.
I like being able to come-home and plug-in (using a tethered cable). I park my car outside, so I would have the problem of the the granny-cable being wet when i coiled it up to put in car. Also the wear-and-tear on granny cable - they aren't cheap.

But wall-charger units are available with just a socket (e.g. so you can stow the able to stop people nicking your juice), so if you went that route you could have whatever length "tethered" cable you needed.

Another option, if you are looking for something "simple"/"temporary" might be a Commando socket - assuming that you can get a suitable cable from Commando-plug to iPace-plug? That would give you the same 7kW as a wall charger. If you put a wall-charger in later the Commando would be a handy backup in case wall-charger failed for any reason.

7kW is about 22 miles of charge, per hour.
13AMP is about 5-6 MPH
Likely electric supplier will have a single rate of supply (day and night). So can charge anytime.
9,000 miles a year is about £450-500 a year at Peak Rate, and an Off Peak rate would save you close to half that; plus whatever you might save on household use over night (e.g. dishwasher on a timer) ... against which would (usually) be a small increase for Peak Rate.

Compared to what you probably pay now for Petrol/Diesel I reckon all that amounts to pennies ... but if it is your thing? the planet would benefit somewhat from Off Peak charging as you would be using up spare capacity for a reasonably significant load (relative to your household usage)
we plan to get supply from house to new garage consumer unit upgraded to 40 amps
40 AMPs is (I think?) about 9.5kW ... I'm sure your Sparky has considered it and done some Sums, but I wonder if worth running a fatter cable whilst you are at it.

Google DOCs list of Wallchargers

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