Anyone else annoyed by the mobile app notifications (Android)?

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Anyone else annoyed by the mobile app notifications (Android)?

Post by ardevd » Wed May 15, 2019 7:23 pm

So both the InControl Remote app and the route planner app have notification based annoyances.

The InControl app is poorly designed and shows a constant persistent notification after you've opened up the app. The reason being that new versions of Android have stricter limitations on app background processing and showing a persistent notification is one way to bypass those. I end up just killing the app to remove it. Those of you on older Android versions might see different behavior. You can also apply background restrictions for the app but that doesn't get rid of the notification.

The route planner app loves to notify me every time the vehicle position has been updated. As if I wasn't aware of the fact. I just drove it! I haven't found any in-app setting to disable that behavior and the only option is to disable notifications for the app all together. Since they don't implement notification channels there is no way to only disable the vehicle position notifications.

Anyone else annoyed? I'm going to patch the apps and replace the original ones on my phone with the patched versions. If there is any interest for it here I could share them.
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