Steering assist and LKA poll

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How do you use the lane keep assistance feature

I don't use steering assistance at all
Have it on, but set to vibrate only
Use the lane keep assistance with the steering assist
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Steering assist and LKA poll

Post by shadwellal » Tue Apr 30, 2019 8:35 pm

I know that there has been a previous thread with adverse comments about the lane keeping assist version, but I just wondered what he general consensus is. I've had my car for a couple of weeks now and had the blind spot assistance on alert only, and lane keep assist on vibrate only. However, I think that the blind spot assistance is more likely to avoid a collision if it it is set to steering assistance as well, and I find the vibrate feature of the LKA less subtle than the steering assistance. Today I set everything (blind spot monitor and LKA to steering assistance, and I thought that they were actually quite useful features, but on the basis of one day I can't rule out the risk of it trying to take over when I don't want it to. Interested to see how other forum members have theirs set up .
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