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Summary of I-Pace forum tips

Post by DougTheMac » Sun Feb 10, 2019 4:39 pm

Updated 13/4/19 Issue 4, changes from Issue 3 in Magenta; Updated 28/2/19, Issue 3, changes from Issue 2 in BLUE Updated 14/2/19, Issue 2, changes from Issue 1 in RED (Original post in Black)

I have been following this forum for several months, and gleaned a huge amount of useful info in advance of picking up my car on 1 March. Because of the sheer volume of posts, I thought it might be useful to have a thread which seeks only to re-post “results”, ie the useful gems that come from forum users successfully answering other users’ questions. Much of this should be RTFM stuff, but the Manual is so useless, these tips may be useful to many - they have certainly been useful to me.

So, herewith my initial list compiled over the last few weeks. I apologise that I have failed to credit the posters of these solutions, but you know who you are, so thanks.

Please add any similar tips of your own, but please try to keep this topic restricted to tips and solutions and not to raise more questions or wander off-topic.

Newer topics now here rather than at the end: Some more detailed ones just given as a very short précis and a link to the original thread.

Leaving the car for extended time: "Plug in while away for two weeks?"
Charge it to max c70% and leave it unplugged. Negligible phantom drain. Leaving it at 100% and/or connected to the charger for prolonged time, isn't good for the battery. A lot has been written already about this topic.
Note that InControl will go to sleep after 48hr of non-activity. (Theft tracking still ok.)
If you want to keep an eye on it you need to set a “wake up” time in the app and just keep setting a new one every 2 days.

"Unwanted charging detours" viewtopic.php?f=8&t=1211How to stop the SatNav forcibly navigating to unnecessary chargers

"Deezer without connected phone"viewtopic.php?f=8&t=1214

"Decision time." viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1215Excellent Chewy summary of charging, plus Jelle’s Dutch perspective

"Preferred Charging START TIME (and 80% Charging)"viewtopic.php?f=8&t=1359&hilit=preferre ... start+time
See detailed comments in topic. Short version is:
(1) Car will always attempt to reach 100% unless you trick it otherwise. You can effectively set a start time only. You need to manually stop it if you don’t want to charge to 100%
(2) You need to set it up from within the car.
(3) Set an (artificial) departure time for well after actual intended departure.
(4) Set a preferred charge time window to be plenty long enough to reach 100%.
(5) Have the car in “Ready” mode, ie having pressed “Start” with your foot on the brake.
(6) Press Stop. You should get the version of the “Goodbye” screen with the option to activate Timed Charging. Select it.
(7) Finally, plug in the cable. You should get the “Timed Charging” displayed in BLUE on the dash; then lock the car.
(8) To stop charging with the App, you first need to delete the Departure Time.

Speed Camera Warnings
These pop up with a chime and text countdown of distance when using Nav. If Nav screen not active, you get the chime but nothing to tell you what it’s for! (Probably not available in France??)

Consumption/Charge Ready-Reckoner (sorry, Miles only):
To convert your consumption readout (in kWh/100 miles) into range the formula is:
100 ÷ consumption x 82
(where 82 is the generally accepted usable battery capacity in kWh)
So, your consumption of 41 kWh/100 miles would be:
100 ÷ 41 x 82 = 200 miles
A few consumption / range numbers for reference:
30 (kW-hr/100 miles) = 273 miles
35 = 234 miles
40 = 205 miles
45 = 182 miles
50 = 164 miles
55 = 149 miles

Gesture tailgate:
Even more suggestions: “fast, short kick”; “try the rear corners of the car; swipe your foot under it from left to right or vice versa”; “only kick once, then wait 2 seconds before you retry” “A smooth kick at 45 degrees inwards from either of the corners seems to work for me everytime” or try GarryJW's YouTube Clip:

InControl App:
To change energy consumption units, go to settings -> My account -> unit & date format
Charging speed in Miles per hour doesn’t work; set charge rate units to %/hr.

I have noticed that if you add the CAMERAS button to one of your HOME screens it gives you the proper "front bumper" with parking assist view as you are pulling forward into a parking space ... vs. if you press the little camera icon bottom row button, you get the split (and useless) left quarter & simultaneous right quarter views but not straight out the front.
“If you press the little camera icon bottom row button, you get the split (and useless) left quarter & simultaneous right quarter views but not straight out the front. I find the split front view particularly useful for pulling out of blind T-junctions such as my drive.”
For 360 view while backing: Select Camera Icon. Select the Settings Gears Icon. Camera Settings will appear. Make the change from there and you will have 360 view in reverse.
Not only the ability to have 360° view when reversing but also to make it landscape and hence much bigger when used at any other time.
The Settings Icon are contextual. Different settings will be accessible depending on what screen is active.

To switch on automatically the forward sensors when driving at slow speeds:
“I think (from memory) you drive slowly until the sensor is going off, then in the pop up you can tap the settings icon and there’s an “auto” button in there. Only accessible when the sensors are activated though. It was something like that.”

Poor GPS signal on mobile phone?
Possible pano roof issue. Not mentioned since December - may not be an issue for most. Slightly OTT solution is to fit a Bluetooth GPS receiver in the trunk. eg Dual XGPS160

Muting the nav guidance instructions:
Start a route, then open the nav menu again (the round button with 6 little rectangles). Then the big rectangular button appears to mute the nav voice instructions. It stays muted for all future trips, until you manually re-enable it again. (You can add it to favourite button on steering wheel.)

Navigate to contact's address:
Can’t do this within the car, but can do it via the InControl App. (Can navigate to a contact address or an appointment address.)

Navigation voice missing:
Change the voice from female to male and back again; and/or change language and back again.

Data SIM usage:
1GB data used in a few days without doing something data intensive myself. After searching through the options I found some navigation settings concerning data. Turned off the options that were marked as “high data usage” and now data usage is “normal”, a few MB’s per day.

Synthetic acceleration sounds:
Accessed from the settings icon on the upper touch-screen. Select "All Settings" and then "Features" and finally "Active Sound Design" Three possible settings - Calm, Normal and Dynamic.

Auto lock of doors:
Accessible via Dashboard settings (roller button on left of steering wheel) not main screen settings.

Silencing the seat belt reminder:
Should you feel the need to do this, sit in drivers seat, ignition 'on' but not 'started', plug seatbelt in and out 10 times within 60 secs until you hear a chime.
No info on how to re-instate…

Auto-dipping Headlights:
If you don't see see A or auto combined with the green icon, you should push the high beam lever for more than a second backwards to enable auto high beam. Auto High Beam is a setting you can set to On or Off in the dashboard settings. Push left roller wheel at the steering wheel to enter this settings menu.

G-meter & stopwatch functions:
You need to have the Adaptive Dynamics package for these features. Put the car in dynamic mode, go to the dynamics menu (helmet icon) and you will find these options on the left side. Alternatively, try a smartphone app such as GSpot.

Unlocking the charge cable (now - recent update?) requires two presses of the unlock button. Pressing it once unlocks the doors but not the charge cable. Meaning you can get in the car and sit while it charges. Charging does not switch the systems on so if you want infotainment you need to press start without pressing a pedal. However you can see that the car is charging without doing this. It will also time out still so you will have to press the brake pedal every now and again to stop it switching off (you’ll get a message on the instrument cluster telling you to do this).

Any way to NOT lock the charging cable.
Check the post of this name for possible updates. It seems the only way to unlock the cable is to unlock the car. Therefore difficult to free up your charge point without returning to the car (can unlock via InControl but dodgy in a public place).

On a home or AC charger, one click of unlock on the fob or opening the doors by touching the handle will stop the charge and unlock the connector. At a Rapid Charger (50kW+ DC CCS), a double-click of the fob is required. This allows you to get back in the car without interrupting the charge. (Still some questionmarks as to whether this is software-version-dependent; see discussion "Frustratingly Unreliable." viewtopic.php?f=12&t=1216
In emergency, there is a pull-cord under the bonnet/froot. Don’t pull too hard - the cord has been known to come off!

How to use the "Charge period” in InControl:
Largely superceded by Preferred Charging START TIME (and 80% Charging) viewtopic.php?f=8&t=1359&hilit=preferre ... start+timeas above.

Still an active issue, hopefully close to solution. See the latest posts in the forum topic of that name, especially that of Marv on p13 of that topic.
Still doesn’t work. Even if it seems to be set and waiting to charge, it will start charging after an hour regardless of preferred time set. Until JLR issues a software fix, I’ve found a workaround that *usually* works. 1. Set a one-time departure time from inside the vehicle—not the app. 2. Activate timed charging on the goodbye screen. 3. Plug in — blue “Timed Charging” screen appears. 4. About an hour later the vehicle will start charging. Hit “Pause Charging” in the app. 5. The car will then wait to start charging until a time that would allow it to reach 100% charge by your departure time. If you only want to charge to 80%, enter a departure time 2.5 hours later than your actual departure time and manually disconnect at 80% charge. The process is tedious but seems to work.

How to set the maximum SoC to eg 80%:
See Preferred Charging START TIME (and 80% Charging) and text above. Essentially you need to stop a charge manually (via App) or with a timeswitch on your home charger; or using Goshdarnit’s Siri Shortcut method (see the topic).

Also an active issue, lots of post under various topic headings. Also thought to be imminently fixed: the control for it in the App is now implemented, and a SW update for the car expected soon.

Too enormous a topic to summarise briefly, but I’ll try. Anything from 150-240 miles (240-385km). High cruise speeds, cold weather, not pre-conditioning, sporty driving, heavy heating/aircon use (high fan speed?), hilly terrain, 20/22” wheels will all reduce range.
JLR have now launched a “Range Calculator” which, though limited to “Urban/Motorway/Combined” speed descriptors, at least illustrates the effects of ambient temperature, wheel size and AirCon on range. Consensus is it’s probably a fair model. "JAGUAR I-PACE: Range Calculator now available".viewtopic.php?f=8&t=1355&hilit=calculator

Fast (100kW) charging:
Also an evolving topic. The latest SW update has allowed 80kW charging to 80% SoC. Still issues with some chargers.
100kW charging essentially not yet generally available.

Updating the maps:

Go to You will need to have, or set up, an account. Login.

Click on “Maps and Services”. Enter “NO” to the three options on the small dialogue that appears if it does, unless you want to be hounded. You will then come to a page that lets you download maps.

Click on the relevant “GET LATEST VERSION” button for your region.

It will ask to download and setup up the “download manager”. After it has completed the installation of the “download manager” nothing appears to happen and you will have a job locating the program after it is installed.

What you need to do is click the “GET LATEST VERSION” button again and this time it will fire up the download manager. You will need to put a clean, preferably formatted, 32GB USB memory stick into your PC and let it download the files to that stick. Do not remove the memory stick until the transfer is complete, this may take a considerable time depending upon your internet speed. (For what ever reason, you have to download maps for the whole of Europe and Russia.)

Once you have it, you need to go to your car and put it into either of the USB ports in the arm rest cubby hole, not the ones under the Climate Control Knobs as these are for power only.

Then turn on your car. After a short period of time it should detect the USB stick and prompt you to carry out the update. Just follow the onscreen instructions. ABSOLUTELY DO NOT TURN OFF YOUR CAR DURING THE UPDATE PROCESS.

You can drive while it updates as it will take about 40 mins, but you will lose SatNav capability during the update. Remember NOT to get out of your car as this will turn it off (there is a way around this by putting the car into neutral and manually activating the park brake), but best to be sure.

Once the update is complete you can remove the USB memory stick. On completion, the SatNav will reboot and you should be fine.

Quickest way to change your EV drive settings:
Swipe L to R from Home, and it's right there.

Valet Mode:
Valet Mode will lock the bonnet and boot. Put valuables in bonnet. To secure boot, use a motorcycle tiedown through the back tether loops of seats to cargo rings or Valet can just fold the seats down.

To leave the car in the ON position while exiting:
Put in neutral and push the parking brake.

Inside surface of liftgate has a compartment for road triangles.
Cup holders in front are removable.

Pretty sure you can play video when stationary. The CODEC is all important, make sure it's a H.264 mp4 and not MKV/matroska/H.265 and audio is anything but AC3, as that usually ends up with silence due to the decoder needing to be licensed. If you're not sure what all these abbreviations are then you might struggle to get the correct formats, have a read and look at "Handbrake" video converter to convert your files into something more compatible.
The real shame is that the iPace doesn't seem to support exFAT , only FAT32

Online Service History
Available at and enter your VIN.

Software versions:
When the software version is shown as blank, it often appears when you tap the 'Check for updates' button.

Smart Climate - Rear Seats
It seems that the “Smart Climate” functionality does not extend to the rear seats. (If SC is on, and the front passenger seat is unoccupied, the display for that seat is greyed out and the climate there is not controlled, saving a little energy.) This does not work for the rear seats, so if unoccupied, it may be advisable to set their controls to be near-ambient to minimise energy consumption.

ACC / cruise control with traffic signal recognition:
See longish forum post of this name.
You can use the LIM (speed limiter) function to vary the maximum speed to the value detected by the traffic signal recognition system. You cannot use the ACC (Automatic Cruise Control) function to automatically vary the set speed according to the traffic signal recognition system.

If you need to be winched on to a rescue truck:
If you have a complete power failure, you may find it impossible to release the handbrake. “choosing N and tapping footbrake released the handbrake for me”

Reset your GOM (Guess-o-Meter aka Predicted Range) back to a nominal value:
With the car turned on and in Park, press and hold both accelerator and brake pedal for 10 seconds. You will see the GOM value reset.
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Re: Summary of forum tips

Post by Thincat » Sun Feb 10, 2019 5:22 pm

Thanks for this, it's very useful. I thought I had read everything!

Just one point re:
........ if you press the little camera icon bottom row button, you get the split (and useless) left quarter & simultaneous right quarter views but not straight out the front."

I find the split front view particularly useful for pulling out of blind T-junctions such as my drive. I cannot see up and down the single track road outside my drive until I have pulled out but the twin camera view has helped me avoid problems on several occasions; once with someone driving far too fast, another time I avoided pulling out in front of a fully laden tractor and on another occasion I spotted a horse before frightening it.

But it is very useful to know how to get the view you want. Thanks again.
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Re: Summary of forum tips

Post by Jeggo » Sun Feb 10, 2019 5:50 pm

What about an I-Pace WiKi?
May it is possible to integrate this feature.



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Re: Summary of forum tips

Post by Billy Bunter » Sun Feb 10, 2019 8:28 pm

...or just keep the first post “live”, edit & add tips to it as they arrive.

It’s a bit painful for you DougtheMac as you would be the only one able to do it.... depends on how many new tips & tricks arrive etc.
But it would be a good resource for sure.......
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Re: Summary of forum tips

Post by Garryjw » Sun Feb 10, 2019 8:32 pm

I've asked if this fantastic post can be pinned.
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Re: Summary of forum tips

Post by emgf » Sun Feb 10, 2019 8:43 pm

Great job . Merci beaucoup
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Re: Summary of forum tips

Post by nipri » Sun Feb 10, 2019 9:15 pm

Superb summary of tips.
Thank you so much.🙏🏾
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Re: Summary of forum tips

Post by M@rkie78 » Sun Feb 10, 2019 9:46 pm

Great stuff Doug! And I feel flattered that I’ve seen two of my posts back here :)
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Re: Summary of forum tips

Post by ChrisMc » Mon Feb 11, 2019 8:51 am

Just make this a sticky! Rob!
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Re: Summary of I-Pace forum tips

Post by Garryjw » Mon Feb 11, 2019 12:41 pm

DougTheMac wrote:
Sun Feb 10, 2019 4:39 pm

Please add any similar tips of your own, but please try to keep this topic restricted to tips and solutions and not to raise more questions or wander off-topic.
Rob just PMd me to say this is now a sticky.

Doug a cheeky suggestion from my experience in another car nation forum. If it doesn't become too onerous would you mind updating the first post on this thread with any new tips posted by others.

Otherwise they are likely to get lost in the deluge of posts quite rightly thanking you for this great post.

I know it's making my pick up tomorrow a lot easier
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