"Check for S/W updates" function hang

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"Check for S/W updates" function hang

Post by Kerygma » Tue Jul 30, 2019 7:03 am

Hi there, @JaguarCR

On July 27, I instigated a "check for S/W update" action, which has previously resulted in the car responding with "none available" and showing the present version of s/w to be 14.2. This time, the "waiting" action of rotating coloured squares just kept on going, with no result. After 5 minutes, I gave up waiting. Subsequent attempts have the same result. I have good cellular coverage.

I have previously had just one successful SOTA event, being the upgrade of the infotainment S/W to S19A from S18D back in March. Since then, nothing has come up - even though many other owners appear to have later versions of S19A S/W installed in their cars as well as later versions of the control s/w (16.2).

Straight after the July 27 action above, the Incontrol Remote function stopped updating, having previously operated faultlessly since I installed it on Mar13. Having successfully logged over 400 journeys between Mar 13 and July 27, this is a disappointing turn of events. Is it possible that the s/w update check "hang" is also affecting the Remote functions? I am currently awaiting the removal of the car from my Incontrol A/C so that I can "re-add" it - this is my most drastic attempt to rejuvenate the Remote functionality.

An intelligent response from @JaguarCR would be much appreciated......
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