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Car Range

Post by Ralphdoy » Thu Jan 23, 2020 9:57 pm

I leased a new Jaguar I PACE. 400 S

The displayed range of the car is low.

The mileage travelled is much lower than the displayed range

On receipt of the car, i charged the car up. It would only charge to 255 miles.

On a journey the following day, the car needed charging at 130 miles with 35 mile remaining.

On the second charge, the range was down to 218 miles.

With Eco on travelling well below 70mph, braking slowly, slow accelerations, the car seems to travel 5/8th of a mile for every range mile.

I cannot even charge the car to 300 mile range.

The car has been to Stratstone at Stockton and certified to be within Jaguars operation parameters

Mystified and Aghaust at the poor range of the car. Can anyone help please

Ralph Doy

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Re: Car Range

Post by scm » Thu Jan 23, 2020 10:29 pm

When you had an ICE car (assuming you had one), did you always manage to replicate the quoted fuel consumption figures?

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Re: Car Range

Post by shadwellal » Thu Jan 23, 2020 11:21 pm

So many factors to take into account. Temperature, are they short journeys or long journeys, flat or hilly terrain, wet or dry roads? Do you precondition the car? Etc, etc. In summer, on a motorway journey at 70 mph with 20" wheels, 220 miles is very achievable. In winter probably 185 miles. Lots of short journeys reduce the range more than fewer long journeys. At the end of the day, it only matters if you regularly like to drive very long journeys without a break, in which case perhaps an EV is not for you, but otherwise, range soon becomes no more of an issue than it was when you had a fuel tank. Just enjoy the car and don't worry about it!
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Re: Car Range

Post by DavePhillips » Thu Jan 23, 2020 11:36 pm

Ralphdoy wrote:
Thu Jan 23, 2020 9:57 pm

I cannot even charge the car to 300 mile range.
Why would you think that is possible?

I am looking at buying an EV myself. I am taking care to understand the implications of such a big step.

I am not leasing an EV without understanding what I am getting.

I probably annoy I-Pace owners on the forum with mundane questions, as I do on Tesla forums.

But I think the forums with actual owners are a good place to look for answers BEFORE making such a huge decision.

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Re: Car Range

Post by OscarPS » Thu Jan 23, 2020 11:55 pm

You have range calculator here: ... index.html
it's quite real


Re: Car Range

Post by GoneNuts » Fri Jan 24, 2020 12:13 am

There are 2 key issues. First, when you charge a car you're not adding miles but kilowatt hours (kWh) The I-Pace battery has approximately 84 usable kWh. Your mileage is very dependent on the outside temp, how much you use climate control and your driving style. I understand the European testing agency rates the I-Pace at 294 miles but in near perfect conditions. The U.S. testing rates the car at 234 miles but even this is optimistic under most driving conditions.

Second, the range prediction system on the I-Pace is not very accurate and is referred to as the Guess-o-Meter or GoM. But it will slowly adjust to your daily driving and I'm not surprised that it's gone down over time. My testing has shown the GoM is overoptimistic by 15%-20%.

The key to not getting stranded is to track the miles travelled and how much the state of charge (SoC) has dropped. Divide the number of miles travelled by the % drop in SoC and multiply by 100. For example, if you drive 20 miles and use 10% of the SoC, you're getting 2 miles per 1% or a range of 200 miles. This is the only accurate method to determine your range unless you download an aftermarket I-Pace app called WattCat. WattCat will show you actual kWh used as you travel. Hope this helps.

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Re: Car Range

Post by Gilbey » Sun Jan 26, 2020 10:51 pm

Ralphdoy, I feel your pain.

We bought an iPace in November having owned a BMW i3 for some time. The reason for the change was that we needed to regularly do a near 200 mile journey from Welshpool to Newmarket.

We explained explicitly to the dealer the journey, 'A 'road to M54, M6 then A14 dual carriageway, even where we normally charged. When we asked what the range was he said 292, we then challenged him he said any day it would do 240 miles. This was great as with two sub 4 year olds the intention was not to stop.

What range do we really get? On that trip never more than 180 miles, and we've never got over 200 miles driving the car like a hearse in Eco Mode.

So apart from the fact that the dealer was a liar, have Jaguar 'gamed' the test to show a decent result?

The car has been back to the dealer for checks and updates, it has even been driven by their business manager who used 89% of the battery to do 178 miles at an average speed of around 40mph.

We feel conned and let down, particularly as we've tried to get the dealer to do a buy back, generously being offered £10,000 depreciation in 10 weeks having paid £70,000.

Shame as lovely car, advice, be wary.

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Re: Car Range

Post by jowenharris » Mon Jan 27, 2020 12:22 am

I have owned my i-Pace since the end of July 2019. In that time I have kept a record of all the journeys and the percentage charge used. Temperature has a BIG impact on range. The figures below show the impact of the season on calculated range for me.

Month------------------Miles Travelled----------Range/100% Charge


Obviously, other factors (speed, headwinds, wet roads, journey distance, preconditioning) also impact range. But my figures are in line with those of others on this forum - you can expect around 240 miles of range in the warm summer months, reducing significantly to around 180 in winter.

The latest H264 update is slated to add about 8% range in 'eco' mode, so I am hoping that this might translate into around 260 summer miles, and 195 winter miles.

Experience tells us that 'official' range (or ICE mpg) figures are invariably over-optimistic when compared to real life. I read lots online before I bought my car, and the real life figures are very much in line with what I expected. Having bought my first car in 1974, I always do my own research before purchasing, and understand that dealers are always going to quote the 'official' (but un-achievable !!) range/mpg figures.

I am sorry that ralphdoy and gilbey feel short-changed. Perhaps the salesmen should have been more candid about real-life range, particularly in winter. But doing your own research is always advisable, and there are many places on the internet (including this forum) that would have alerted them to the range they could realistically expect.
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Re: Car Range

Post by HardBoil » Mon Jan 27, 2020 7:47 am

Even ICE cars only ever (as an average) 70 to 79% of their quoted MPG. It just feels bigger on an EV due to lower range and time to charge.

I moved from a c250d in March and it's been fine, just needs a little more planning at first.

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Re: Car Range

Post by nipri » Mon Jan 27, 2020 8:14 am

Last Tuesday I drove on M1 & M6. Total range 215.4 miles & got home with 13 miles left. Hoping to do the same tomorrow.
I always precondition the car fully before leaving for any long journey.
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