How to use the "Charge period” in InControl

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Re: How to use the "Charge period” in InControl

Post by Simonmac » Wed Dec 05, 2018 10:13 pm

Thanks JohnGriff. Really not sure how I can’t seem to be able to replicate your experience. The steps I follow are
- with car in P but still on, set departure time. Use settings to ensure timed charge times are also set
- press start/stop to turn car off
- press timed charge to ON on goodbye screen
- open door (closes all screens down) get out, and close door.
- plug charger in
*at this point the light in charger port and instrument cluster show initialising. Then go blue briefly but then straight to green. Instrument cluster shows car as charging!
- lock car using key

I’m setting departure day for following day 0700hrs when setting in evening when I get home, and not doing this recurring but only as a one off departure. Both car and app show charging though, not waiting for charge. Tonight I paused charging from app almost immediately but it started up of its own accord an hour later. Just can’t get it to show waiting for charge at all anymore. Managed it once last week but same actions being done and can’t get this replicated.


Weirdly though the one thing that does work is that the car does pre-condition at the right time so at least is warm when I leave :D

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Re: How to use the "Charge period” in InControl

Post by JohnGriff » Thu Dec 06, 2018 11:07 am

Hi Simonmanc, a quick update, as you know I set up a timed charging for this morning between 06:00 and 08:00 and the car was plugged in around 15:00 yesterday afternoon. Car showed Timed Charging and app Waiting to Charge. Didn't open the app again, but at around 19.30 checked the charger and it was charging. Based on the SOC% I am guessing it started charging around 16.30. I am wondering if the SW is using AM and PM and not a 24 clock? Wouldn't be surprised if this was the case :D

I have had the 14.2 update, and have had the same issue as you. The blue Time Charging message was displayed, then a few seconds later charging. started. However as I wrote yesterday, when I set up a new departure time for today, all was OK. As a test after these short journey, I set the Timed Charging to On in the Goodbye screen, plugged the car in each time and it didn't t start to charge. It was the last time I set Timed Charging On and plugged in the car around 15.00 that charging started, but as a I said probably around 16.30 to 17.00

In another test when I tried to get around these issues, I did see Timed Charging starting earlier than scheduled it was between 30 mins and 1 hour earlier than the start charging time I had set up

Is the start time of your Timed Charging in the morning close to the time (PM) when you plug in the car? For example, if you have set start of charging to 07:00 and plug in at 16.00 (4PM) or perhaps later say 20.00 (8PM) does charging always start? if you have a start time of charging say at 11.00 and you plug in at 18:00 (6PM) does charging also auto start?

My sales rep has sent my issues and steps to workaround to Jaguar Norway, so will wait and see if anything happens. I will test the AM PM theory and see if I can reproduce the auto charging based on start time being near the same AM time.

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Re: How to use the "Charge period” in InControl

Post by Simonmac » Thu Dec 06, 2018 6:23 pm

Thanks JohnGriff. Hard to work out exactly what is going on! For info, I tend to get back around 1800 or 1900 hrs so that’s when I plug in. The timed charge is set for 0030 to 0430 (as that’s my cheap rate window). Have also tried extending timed charge to 0700 hrs with no effect. Departure time set to 0700 hrs and that seems to work for preconditionImg. I’ll try some alternate times to see if I can see any difference but won’t be until next week now.

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Re: How to use the "Charge period” in InControl

Post by WattAJag » Sat Dec 08, 2018 3:37 am

For the people earlier in this thread fretting about the range changing significantly based relatively simple actions, one must always remember that the displayed range is NOT directly correlated to % of charge. It is an algorithm factoring lots of things including time you might be spending sitting still and playing with buttons - which could be altering your averages if you haven't got a lot of trips under your belt. If your range suddenly drops some time, it probably means that you didn't really HAVE that much range to start with, but your recent activity was better than your actual average for the current trip you're embarking on. If you see a drop in "range", you should look to see if it's really from a drop in % SOC. Most likely it wasn't, but instead the predicting algorithm changing its mind. But, you'll need significant trips to get any good idea what ranges really are real-world. And, we're mostly all starting out in winter, when ranges will be poorest. Aussies - jump in here and give everybody hope!

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